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Mountain Medical Designs will contribute to your success in a variety of ways. We can work with an existing team, or assemble a team that is tailored to your individual requirements and the scope of your project. We accelerate time-lines and minimize project cost by ensuring that only the most appropriate and highly skilled resources are applied. Professionals that can be staffed on your project include:

  • Project Manager

  • Design Engineer (Mechanical and Electrical)

  • Quality Engineer (ISO 13485 certified)

  • Patent Attorney/Agent

  • Clinical/Regulatory Affairs

  • Clinical sales specialist

Dave Bombard, principal


Dave started Mountain Medical Designs (MMD) out of his passion for innovation and his professional and intellectual interests of interfacing medicine with engineering.

Dave received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell (1993), and then went on to the MIT (M.S. 1995), where he focused on product design and development methodology. He acquired an MBA in 2011 to add business tools with his engineeing expertise to quickly grasp user needs and effectively translate them into a marketable, profitable product. He is named inventor on 16 issued patents, and over 15 patent pending applications.

In 2006, He started consulting after working for a decade in the medical device industry in the dynamic silicon valley of California. He contributed in manufacturing and product design roles at Origin MedSystems and Guidant before joining Cardica, a VC funded start-up. At Cardica, Dave managed the design and development of a complex hand-held surgical device, C-Port, which automates the connections of blood vessels during coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgeries (http://www.cardica.com).  He has extensive operating room experience, and knowledge of many minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

With MMD, Dave has worked with large corporations (e.g. Smith and Nephew), mid-sized start-ups (e.g. Peak Surgical, Neotract), and numerous individual entreprenuers and surgeons.

He lives in the Vail Valley with his wife, daughter, and dog.  They enjoy all that the mountains offer for work, play, relaxation, and inspiration.  

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